What is another word for bellied?

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The word "bellied" is often used to describe a person or animal with a prominent or rounded belly. However, there are several synonyms that can be used to convey the same meaning, such as "paunchy," "rotund," "plump," "chubby," "portly," and "corpulent." Each of these words describes someone or something with a notable roundness or fullness in the belly area. It's important to choose the right synonym depending on context, as some words may carry a negative connotation while others may be more neutral or even endearing. Regardless, there are plenty of options to accurately describe a person or animal's belly shape.

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    How to use "Bellied" in context?

    The word "bellied" describes someone who is largely flabby around the stomach area. People with a bellied physique often have a more casual, laid-back appearance. This look can be attributed to the fact that the stomach area is a major source of fat, which gives people a softer, less muscular appearance.

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