What is another word for bereft?

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The word "bereft" is often used to describe feelings of loss or deprivation. Some synonyms for "bereft" include: deprived, lacking, without, empty, destitute, deprived, forlorn, desolate, and abandoned. These words all describe a sense of sadness or emptiness, and they can be used in various contexts. For example, one might feel bereft of love or companionship, or bereft of a sense of purpose or direction in life. Whatever the circumstances, the word "bereft" and its synonyms convey a powerful sense of loss and longing, and they can help us to articulate and understand our deepest emotions.

Synonyms for Bereft:

How to use "Bereft" in context?

The word "bereft" can describe someone who is greatly upset and missing something. Bereft can also describe a place that is empty and without anything useful. In the Bible, bereft means "mourningful." Bereft can also describe someone who is grieving the loss of someone they love.

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