What is another word for besot?

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Besot is a verb that means to make someone foolish or stupid, typically through excessive love or infatuation. Synonyms for besot include infatuate, bewitch, captivate, enchant, enrapture, fascinate, intoxicate, mesmerize, seduce, and enamor. These words imply a state of being overwhelmed by intense emotions of love, attraction, or devotion. They can be used to describe the effect of someone on another person, be it a romantic partner or a charismatic leader. Whether positive or negative, the synonyms for besot convey a sense of enchantment or entrancement that can sometimes lead to irrational or impractical decisions.

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How to use "Besot" in context?

Besot is a word that is often used to describe how much someone is enjoying something. The Oxford English Dictionary defines besot as "to make very happy or pleased, to fill with delight; to fascinate." It is a word that derives from the Old French verb besoter, meaning to drench or soak, and the past participle bechu, meaning wet. In medieval France, besot was often used to describe sexual attraction, often between a woman and a man. It was not until the 18th century that besot began to be used more generally to describe a pleasing or flattering affect.

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