What is another word for better-looking?

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When we want to describe someone as attractive or pleasant to look at, we often resort to the word 'better-looking'. However, this word can get repetitive and might not capture the nuances of one's physical appearance. To convey the same thought, we can use synonyms such as charming, handsome, graceful, elegant, striking, gorgeous, stunning, dashing, captivating, appealing, etc. Each of these words has a distinct meaning and can be used in specific contexts to enhance the description. By incorporating more descriptive words, we can create a vivid mental image of the person we are describing.

How to use "Better-looking" in context?

When it comes to overall appearance, people generally believe that those who look better usually have more work put into their appearance than those who don't. But what do scientists actually say about the matter?

While it is mostly subjective, there are some scientific studies which claim that good looking people do actually have an easier time acquiring things they want in life, such as better jobs and more romantic partners. Others speculate that people who look good naturally have more self-confidence, and that this leads to better interpersonal relationships.

Whatever the case may be, there's no denying that good looks can definitely play a role in success.

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