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Bevel is a term used in woodworking, glass cutting and metalworking to describe an angled cut or edge. Synonyms for bevel include chamfer, slope, slant, angle, cut, edge, and beveled. Chamfer is commonly used in woodworking, whereas beveled is used more commonly in glass cutting and metalworking. If there is an angle cut along the edges of a surface or a board, it is known as a sloping or slanting bevel. The term angle is more general and refers to any turn or curve in any direction, whereas cut and edge refer to the process of cutting the material and the result of that cutting.

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The geometric shape of a bevel is a sinusoidal surface that slopes outward from a central point. Bevels are employed in a wide variety of creative arts, including architecture and design, plate making, engraving and sculpture, in order to create a more polished or lustrous result.

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