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Bids are offers made by individuals or organizations for goods, services, or projects. Synonyms for "bids" include offers, proposals, tenders, quotes, bids or tenders, submissions, propositions, applications, and solicitations. The word "offers" is a generic term that can be used interchangeably with "bids". "Proposals" are official suggestions made by companies or individuals for a specific project, while "tenders" are official offers submitted by potential contractors to complete a project. "Quotes" are an estimate of the cost of goods or services. "Submissions" refer to the act of sending something in for consideration, while "applications" indicate a formal request for a job or grant. "Solicitations" refer to requests for bids or offers.

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How to use "Bids" in context?

Bids are an important part of the procurement process. They allow you to compare the price of a product or service with the price you are willing to paid. The bid helps you to identify the best supplier to meet your needs.

When preparing your bid, be sure to include the following information:

• Your price list

• Your desired specifications

• Your delivery timeframe

• Your payment terms

Bidders should prepare a formal bid, including a price list, specifications, delivery timeframe, and payment terms.

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