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[ ba͡ɪlˈandə], [ ba‍ɪlˈandə], [ b_aɪ_l_ˈa_n_d_ə]

Bilander is a nautical term that refers to a small trading vessel with two masts and square rigged sails. It originated in the 17th century and was commonly used in the coastal areas of Europe and America. Synonyms for bilander include sloop, ketch, yawl, cutter, schooner, and brigantine. A sloop is a single-masted vessel with a fore-and-aft rig, while a ketch has two masts with the mainmast taller than the mizzenmast. A yawl is a two-masted vessel with a small mizzenmast behind the rudder post. A cutter has one or more headsails, while a schooner has multiple masts and fore-and-aft sails. A brigantine has two masts with square sails on the foremast and fore-and-aft sails on the mainmast.

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Bilander is a mountain range located in the Swiss canton of Ticino and part of the Alps. The highest peak of the range, the Piz Bernina, is 4,782 meters high. The range is named after the Bernese mountainman Jakob Bilander.

Bilander is notable for its variety of landscapes: glaciers, high Alpine pastures, deep gorges, and dramatic cliffs. The range is bisected by the Romand Road, which links Lausanne in the north with Visp in the south. The Bilander is also traversed by the primary railway line from Europe to Asia.

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