What is another word for biopiracy?

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Biopiracy refers to the exploitation of biological resources and traditional knowledge without fair compensation to the communities or indigenous people who have developed them. Some synonyms for biopiracy include biological theft, unauthorized exploitation of natural resources, and cultural appropriation. Biopiracy is a form of neocolonialism that perpetuates inequality by allowing corporations to patent and profit from traditional knowledge and genetic resources. Another synonym for biopiracy is biocolonialism, which highlights the context of domination and exploitation of biodiversity and indigenous communities. It is crucial to recognize and address biopiracy to ensure that the benefits of biodiversity are shared equitably.

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    Biopiracy is the act of illegally obtaining or profit from biological materials and research. It has become an increasingly common problem as biotech companies race to patent new life-saving technologies and products. Biopiracy can take a number of forms, from outright theft of patented genes to purchasing patented genes from desperate third-party researchers.

    In many cases, biotech companies rarely if ever pay the biopirates for their genes, knowledge, or technology. This leaves the biopirates little choice but to turn to illicit means to make a living.

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