What is another word for biota?

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Biota refers to the total collection of organisms living in a particular area or ecosystem. While this term is commonly used in biology, there are several synonyms that can be used interchangeably. For instance, the term "fauna" is used to describe the animal life in a particular area, while "flora" refers to the plant life. Other synonyms for biota include "biological community," "ecosystem," "biosphere," and "biome." These words all convey the same general idea of a diverse and interconnected collection of living organisms in a given environment. The use of these synonyms can help to provide greater clarity and specificity when discussing different aspects of an ecosystem or natural environment.

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    How to use "Biota" in context?

    1.biology is the study of life and all its aspects, from the molecular and cellular levels up to the ecosystem and whole organism levels.

    2. Living organisms can be classified according to their basic characteristics:

    - Total number of cells

    - Number of nuclear chromosomes

    - Type of cell wall

    - Thickness of cell wall

    3. Organisms also can be classified according to their environment:

    - Macroorganisms are organisms that live in larger numbers in a particular habitat, such as plants and plankton.

    - Microorganisms are organisms that live in much smaller numbers, or in specific environmental conditions, such as bacteria and archaea.

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