What is another word for bird type?

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When it comes to the world of avian species, the term "bird type" can be a bit generic. To be more specific, there are plenty of synonyms to describe different types of birds. For example, you may use the term "waterfowl" to describe ducks, geese, and swans. "Raptors" can be used for birds of prey like eagles and hawks. There are also songbirds, game birds, seabirds, and more. Additionally, you can categorize birds based on their physical characteristics, such as "long-beaked" or "plump-bodied". No matter how you choose to classify them, there's certainly a wide variety of bird types to explore.

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    There are many different types of birds, and each of them has its own unique characteristics. Here are a few of the most common bird types:

    Bald eagles are the largest and most well-known type of eagle. They are black with a white head and tail. They are able to fly very fast and are often used in conservation efforts.

    Crows are a type of bird that is often used in folklore and mythology. They are black with a yellow beak and often scavenge for food.

    Penguins are one of the most popular bird types. They are white with black ends to their feathers.

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