What is another word for bitter ender?

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"Bitter Ender" is a phrase that refers to an individual who persists with a particular course of action even when it leads to their own downfall. There are several synonymous terms for "Bitter Ender," including diehard, fanatic, stalwart, extremist, and purist. These terms all describe someone who is uncompromising in their beliefs and is willing to sacrifice anything to uphold them. Diehards are people who cling to their beliefs regardless of the consequences, while fanatics are zealous advocates for a particular cause. Stalwarts are strong and dependable supporters of an idea or cause, while extremists push their beliefs to the limit. Finally, purists are individuals who uphold strict standards or principles. All of these terms describe someone who is unwilling to compromise, even to their own detriment.

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How to use "Bitter ender" in context?

In many stories, the bitter end is the most climactic moment. After a long, arduous journey, the protagonist finally arrives at their destination, only to be faced with the inevitable evil that awaited them. In many cases, the bitter end is the moment when the protagonist realises they're too late, that their efforts were for naught.

In darker stories, the bitter end might represent the character's own death. In some cases, the bitter end is the moment when the protagonist realises that the death of their loved ones was for nothing, that their sacrifice was for nothing.

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