What is another word for blabbermouth?

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Blabbermouth is a derogatory term used to describe a person who talks too much or cannot keep a secret. There are various synonyms for blabbermouth, including chatterbox, motormouth, gossip, blabberer, and loudmouth. A chatterbox is a person who talks incessantly about unimportant things. Meanwhile, a motormouth tends to speak quickly and non-stop. A gossip is someone who enjoys talking about other people's private affairs. On the other hand, a blabberer is someone who shares confidential information without regard for its consequences. Lastly, a loudmouth is someone who frequently interrupts others with their loud voice. All of these terms are used to describe someone who talks excessively and may not be trustworthy with confidential information.

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How to use "Blabbermouth" in context?

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of having to take a conversation with a person who won't stop yakking, you know the feeling. blabbermouths are the worst. They are the kind of people who never stop talking. They don't have anything interesting to say, they just yakety yak all the time. And it's not just boring people who are blabbermouths, it's anyone. You can be talking to your best friend and they'll just start going on and on about their life. It's a real nuisance. If you want to avoid being a blabbermouth yourself, here are a few tips.

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