What is another word for black comedy?

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[ blˈak kˈɒmədi], [ blˈak kˈɒmədi], [ b_l_ˈa_k k_ˈɒ_m_ə_d_i]

Black comedy is a genre of humor that is marked by an ironic or satirical tone. Other synonyms for black comedy include dark comedy, gallows humor, and morbid humor. This type of comedy often employs taboo subjects to create humor, such as death, murder, and suffering. The humor in black comedy comes from the contrast between the seriousness and sensitivity of the subject matter and the lightheartedness of the comedic portrayal. A lot of films and TV shows have become popular for their use of black comedy as a storytelling tool. Regardless of the label given, the genre features humor that is thought-provoking, unique and original in its own right.

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How to use "Black comedy" in context?

Black comedy is a genre of comedy that often focuses on the bleak aspects of life, including death, sickness, deformity and other physical or social shortcomings.

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