What is another word for black eye?

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A black eye, also known as a shiner, is a discolored area around the eye due to bruising and swelling. A bruised eye may also be called a contusion or ecchymosis. A shiner can also be referred to as a mouse, raccoon eye, or a puffy eye. In sports circles, a black eye is called a badge of honor or a warrior's badge. More playful synonyms for a black eye can include a love tap or a smacker. Regardless of what term is used, a black eye is a painful reminder of an injury that can take several days to heal.

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    A black eye is a common injury, and is caused by either a punch or a fall. The injury is usually very visible, and can often leave a person with a noticeable swelling. The symptoms usually start to show up within a few hours after the injury occurs, and will gradually increase in severity over time.

    Depending on the severity of the black eye, a person may experience pain and tenderness, as well as blurred vision. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible if the injury is serious, as black eyes can lead to permanent eye damage if not treated properly.

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