What is another word for black hole?

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A black hole is a term used to describe a region of space having a strong gravitational pull that no form of matter or radiation can escape. This object is also known as a dark star or singular point. Another synonym used is a gravity well or a cosmic sinkhole. Other terms used to describe the phenomenon are the Void, the Abyss or the Pit, reflecting their impressive capacity to absorb everything, including light. In astrophysics, the term is popularly called singularities, denoting an unquantifiable, infinite point where the laws of physics break down. No matter the term used, the awe-inspiring power and mystery of black holes remain captivating even to the scientific community.

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What is a black hole?

Most people think of a black hole as a place where the gravitational pull is so strong that nothing can escape, not even light. However, a black hole is not a singular, discrete entity. Rather, it is a region of space-time where the pressure and gravitational forces are so great that even the very light that travels through it is distorted and pulled towards the singularity at the center. This makes it an incredibly difficult object to study, as even the tiniest change in the surrounding conditions could lead to completely different results.

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