What is another word for blackbird?

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Blackbird is a common name to refer to a member of the thrush family that is characterized by dark feathers. However, the ornithological world recognizes several species of blackbirds, including red-winged blackbirds, Brewer's blackbirds, and rusty blackbirds. Some birders may refer to these species as blackbirds, while others may add color to differentiate them. For instance, the red-winged blackbird is famous for their distinct red shoulder patches, while the Brewer's blackbird is brownish-black and has iridescent feathers. Other common synonyms for blackbird are merl, ouzel, and crow-blackbird. Some regions may also refer to them by their country of origin, such as the New Zealand blackbird.

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How to use "Blackbird" in context?

The blackbird is a popular bird found throughout North America. They are considered songbirds and are noted for their melodic songs. Blackbirds feed on insects and other small creatures. Blackbirds are fun to watch in nature because they are so active.

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