What is another word for blameworthy?

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Blameworthy is a term that denotes accountability or responsibility for a particular action, regardless of the severity of the consequences. It is often used to describe a circumstance wherein someone is accused of wrongdoing or fault. Some useful synonyms for blameworthy include censurable, culpable, reprehensible, blamable, guilty, accountable, or responsible. These words imply a sense of fault or culpability, signifying that someone has done something wrong and must be held accountable for the consequences. Including these synonyms in your writing will help add variety to your vocabulary and convey a more precise meaning to your readers.

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    How to use "Blameworthy" in context?

    The word "blameworthy" is derived from the Old French word blâmer, which means "to blame". In today's society, the word is used to describe someone or something that is deserving of criticism. There are many situations in which someone could be considered blameworthy, such as if they make a mistake at work, if they cheat on a test, or if they insult someone.

    When we speak of someone as being blameworthy, we are implying that they are responsible for their own mistakes.

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