What is another word for blazing?

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Blazing is a word used to describe something that is burning brightly or producing intense heat. Here are some synonyms that can be used in place of blazing. Fiery, scorching, searing, sizzling and torrid can all be used to describe something that is producing intense heat. Flaming, glowing and radiant can be used to describe something that is burning brightly. Blistering, broiling and roasting can also be used to describe something that is experiencing high temperatures. Intense and fervent can be used to describe situations or emotions that are producing great heat or energy. Overall, there are a variety of synonyms for blazing that can help to convey a similar meaning with different nuances.

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How to use "Blazing" in context?

Blazing is a behavior exhibited by a dog when he is excited and aroused, typically when he sees, smells, or hears something that interests him. The behavior can be intermittent or constant and can sometimes include barking or howling.

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