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Blinders, also known as blinkers, are commonly used for horses to limit their vision, preventing them from being spooked from distractions in their peripheral vision. However, "blinders" can also refer to anything that limits someone's perception of reality. Synonyms for this usage include tunnel vision, narrow-mindedness, myopia, bias, and preconceived notions. In a more positive light, we might use the term "focus" or "dedication" to describe someone who has their "blinders on" towards achieving a specific goal. While the word "blinders" may have negative connotations, it is important to remember that sometimes we need to limit distractions and maintain our focus to achieve success.

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How to use "Blinders" in context?

Blinders are typically makeshift devices meant to prevent drivers from seeing another car ahead on the road. They can take many forms, from simple pieces of electrical tape to more complex devices that resemble sunglasses. Blinders are typically used by novice drivers and those operating heavy vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and tractors, to avoid colliding with other vehicles.

Though blinders can be helpful in avoiding accidents, they can also have negative consequences. For example, if a driver is wearing blinders, they may not be able to see cross traffic and may end up hitting a pedestrian or another motor vehicle.

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