What is another word for blindly?

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Blindly is an adverb used to describe something done without any clear idea or understanding of the consequences. There are many synonyms for this word that convey a similar meaning, including recklessly, thoughtlessly, heedlessly, mindlessly, and unthinkingly. Other synonyms include carelessly, without caution, rashly, impulsively, and incautiously. Synonyms for blindly often imply a lack of consideration for the consequences, such as acting on impulse or without thinking things through. Some synonyms for blindly may also suggest inattention or a failure to properly consider potential risks, such as acting without proper preparation or forethought.

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How to use "Blindly" in context?

When reading or listening to a text, often times we become aware of specific details that the author has included for a purpose. Understanding this purpose can help us decipher the text and better understand the context within which it was written. Often, we become familiar with these details and refer to them unconsciously.

This is often referred to as reading "blindly." In this context, the term blind refers not to the individual's ability to see, but instead to the reader's lack of awareness of specific information.

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