What is another word for blinking?

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Blinking refers to the action of opening and closing one's eyes quickly. It is often used to indicate surprise or anxiety. There are several synonyms for this term, such as flickering, winking, nictitating, fluttering, and twinkling. These words are all used to describe the rapid movement of eyelids that occurs when a person blinks. Flickering suggests a fast and irregular movement, while twinkling connotes a gentle and repetitive motion. Winking normally refers to a single purposeful blink, whereas nictitating describes the involuntary movement of an animal's eyelids. Fluttering is similar to flickering but tends to connote a lighter and more delicate movement. Overall, these synonyms enhance our vocabulary and allow us to describe the action of blinking in different ways.

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How to use "Blinking" in context?

Blinking is a reflex that is accomplished through the repetitive closure of the eye muscles. When an object is close to the eye, the eye circles around it to see it fully. When the object is further away, the muscle that closes the eye segments continues to blink until the object is out of view.

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