What is another word for blowtorch?

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A blowtorch is a tool that uses a high-pressure flame to heat and melt metal or other materials. It is commonly used for welding, soldering, and plumbing tasks. Synonyms for blowtorch include propane torch, gas torch, welding torch, butane torch, and brazing torch. Depending on the specific task, one type of torch may be more suitable than another. For example, a propane torch provides a more intense flame than a butane torch, making it better for heavy-duty tasks. Similarly, a brazing torch has a wider, softer flame that is better for heating large surfaces evenly. Regardless of the specific synonym used, all blowtorches require careful handling and safety precautions to avoid accidents.

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Blow torch is a device that uses a high-intensity flame that is blown by air into a workpiece, often to start a weld.

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