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Bluebell, the beautiful wildflower with its bell-shaped petals and vibrant blue hues, has several synonyms that are similar in both appearance and beauty. One such synonym is the Harebell, which is also a bell-shaped blue flower that grows in clusters. Another synonym for Bluebell is the Wood Hyacinth, which is a perennial herb that blooms in the spring with blue-purple flowers. The Blue Cohosh, also known as the Squawroot, is a herbaceous plant that has blueberry-like fruits and blue-purple flowers. The Blue-eyed grass is a grass-like herb with delicate blue-lilac flowers that bloom in early summer. Other synonyms for Bluebell include the Virginia-bluebells, Bluebottle, and Bluebells of Scotland.

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The bluebell, Liatris x argentea, is a species of flowering plant in the bellflower family, Campanulaceae. It is endemic to Scotland, where it is found at high altitudes in the Scottish Highlands. In North America, it is found in the Appalachians, the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and North Carolina, and in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas.

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