What is another word for boarder?

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Boarder refers to someone who resides or stays in a place, especially as a paying guest. Some synonyms for the word boarder include lodger, tenant, roomer, resident, housemate, occupant, tenant boarder, and live-in. A lodger is someone who rents a room in a private home, while a tenant pays rent for an apartment or house. A roomer is a person who rents a room in a lodging house or boarding house. An occupant is a person who occupies a place, while a housemate is a person who lives with others in the same house. Tenant boarders are tenants who have been provided with meals in addition to accommodation.

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    Boarder is a term used to describe people who are living outside their original cultural or geographical boundaries. In some cases, boarders may be people who are living in a foreign country illegally. In other cases, boarders may be members of a displaced population, such as refugees or victims of war. Boarders can also be people who are living in transitional or temporary situations, such as students or seasonal workers.

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