What is another word for boilersuit?

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A boilersuit, also known as a coverall or overall, is a type of one-piece workwear used by people who work in dirty or hazardous environments. The term boilersuit was originally used to describe the protective clothing worn by men who worked near steam boilers. However, over the years, the term has been used interchangeably with coveralls and overalls. Other synonyms for boilersuit include jumpsuit, onesie, mechanic suit, and work jumpsuit. These synonyms all describe the same type of garment that is designed to protect the wearer from dirt, liquids and other hazards while working. Whether you call it a boilersuit, coverall or jumpsuit, this workwear is a staple for many industries, including construction, automotive, and factory work.

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    A boiler suit is clothing worn in cold weather that is made of heavy, woolen fabric, lined with cotton, and fits tightly to the body. It is sewn together with a continuous seam down the front and the sides, giving it a seamless appearance. The garment is often worn over other clothes and has a hood to keep the head warm.

    The word boiler suit originated in Britain in the early 1800s as a name for a dress made of heavy woolen fabric with a smooth surface. The dress was lined with cotton to keep the wearer warm and was tight-fitting to the body.

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