What is another word for boletaceae?

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[ bˈə͡ʊlte͡ɪsˌiː], [ bˈə‍ʊlte‍ɪsˌiː], [ b_ˈəʊ_l_t_eɪ_s_ˌiː]

Synonyms for Boletaceae:

How to use "Boletaceae" in context?

Boletaceae is a family of flowering plants in the order Lamiales.

The family contains about 120 genera and 1,500 species. The majority of the genera are North American and the family is mainly herbaceous, with a few parasitic genera. The flowers are usually dichromatic, with 3 to 5 petals. The family is primarily monocotyledonous, with a few dicotyledonous genera.

The family is primarily medium to large, with follicles that are either compressed or inflated. The leaves are simple, alternate, and ovate.

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