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The word "bond" in English has various synonyms that can be used interchangeably depending on the context. Some of the common synonyms for bond include tie, link, connection, correlation, association, relationship, alliance, partnership, rapport, affinity, and attachment. A bond can also be referred to as a commitment, pledge, promise, agreement, or contract between people or entities. Additionally, bonds can also be described as a connection between atoms in a molecule or a physical restraint or confinement. In summary, having a wide range of synonyms for the word "bond" allows writers and speakers to add variety to their language while conveying the intended meaning.

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How to use "Bond" in context?

What is a bond? A bond is a security that offers investors a return on their investment. Bonds are issued by governments, businesses and other organizations. A bond is a loan that is payable at a predetermined date or in the event of liquidation. The borrower pays interest on the bond and the bond's principal is repaid when the borrower repays the loan. Bonds are commonly used to finance projects or to create shareholder value.

Bonds can provide a return on investment in a variety of ways. They can offer investors a fixed rate of return, which is determined when the bond is issued.

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  • bonde.

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