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The word 'bonnet' is a noun that refers to various types of headwear worn by both men and women. Some synonyms for the word 'bonnet' might include cap, hat, headgear, head covering, head wrap, beret, beanie, turban, hood, snood, fascinator, and so on. These synonyms differ in their features and styles such as beanie and cap are more sportive and casual, while beret and fascinator are more formal and fashionable. The word 'bonnet' is often used in the context of cars, where it refers to a cover that protects the engine. In the car world, synonyms for 'bonnet' are hood, engine cover, motor cover, and hood cover.

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How to use "Bonnet" in context?

A bonnet is a small, shaded cap that is worn in summertime. It is also known as a tam. It is a woman's head covering or a man's neck covering. The word bonnet comes from the French word bonnet, meaning "a small round cap." The first bonnets were not hats, but were made of straw or other soft material. Gradually, people began to use felt and other materials, such as cotton and silk, to make hats. bonnets originally had a brimmed edge, but this was later eliminated.

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