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When it comes to bonuses, there are plenty of synonyms to choose from. One option could be "incentive," which implies that the bonus is a reward for achieving specific goals or milestones. Another synonym is "perk," which suggests that the bonus is something extra that comes with a job or position. A more specific alternative is "commission," which refers to a bonus that's tied to sales or other revenue-generating activities. Finally, there's "dividend," which is a bonus for shareholders or investors. Regardless of which word you use, the underlying message is the same - a bonus is something extra that's given as a reward, incentive, or perk.

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People have different definitions for the word 'bonus'. In some cases it may refer to extra cash - in other cases it could be a welfare or other government benefit - and even in other cases it could be a bonus off your salary. When it comes to the workplace, it's unlikely that you'll receive a bonus in the form of cash, but rather in the form of company stock or performance-based compensation. Even if you don't receive a bonus, it's important to understand the different types available so you can better prepare for the economic conditions that may prevail at the time you receive the bonus.

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