What is another word for borderlines?

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"Borderlines" refer to the boundaries that separate one area from another. There are several synonyms for borderlines, including boundaries, frontiers, margins, perimeters, edges, limits, confines, thresholds, demarcations, and divides. These words describe the same concept of separation between two areas. Each word has a slightly different connotation, indicating the degree of intensity or rigidity of the boundary. For example, "perimeters" suggests a more rigid boundary, while "margins" implies a softer, more flexible division. "Frontiers" indicates a geographical boundary, while "limits" suggests a boundary of scope or ability. Regardless of the synonym used, borderlines are essential for maintaining order and defining territory in both physical and abstract contexts.

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    Borderlines can be challenging to spot and even more difficult to live with. These are individuals who have qualities that make them popular, but also qualities that can lead to distress and dysfunction in their relationships. When people are borderline, they experience intense and fluctuating emotional states, often switching between being hurt, angry, and excited in an instant.

    These individuals often have difficulty setting boundaries, and often feel pressure from others to be something they are not. They often find it difficult to form healthy relationships, as they are drawn to people who are unstable or whowon't commit.

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