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Borers are pests that bore into trees, plants and other living organisms, causing damage and often leading to death. There are various synonyms that can be used to describe such pests, including wood-boring insects, tree borers, bark beetles, woodworms, and carpenter ants. These pests can be found in different types of environments and can cause varying degrees of damage. While some species are attracted to trees that are already weakened or diseased, others will attack even healthy trees. Prevention and control methods for borers include using insecticides, maintaining healthy trees, and removing infested trees to prevent further spread of the pests.

How to use "Borers" in context?

Borers are a type of machine that are used to remove material from a large hole in a surface. The machines consist of a large boring head with a number of sharp cutting edges that rotate. Sometimes the head is mounted on a tube or arm that can be moved along the hole. The machine uses a computerised guidance system to control the cutting action.

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