What is another word for borsht belt?

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The term "borsht belt" originally referred to the Jewish resorts in the Catskill Mountains of New York during the mid-twentieth century. However, today it is often used more broadly to refer to any area with a large number of summer resorts, particularly those catering to the Jewish community. Some synonyms for "borsht belt" include Jewish Alps, Jewish Catskills, Jewish Mountains, and Yiddish Alps. These terms all evoke the same sense of nostalgia and cultural significance associated with the original "borsht belt," a time when thousands of Jewish families would flock to the mountains each summer for relaxation, entertainment, and community.

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Borscht Belt is a popular region in the southeastern United States for Jewish immigrants and their descendants. The Jewish section of the area is now generally referred to as the "Borscht Belt" or the "Jewish Section" of the "Borscht Belt", but the name may have derived from the Russian word борщ (borshch), meaning beet soup.

The term Borscht Belt was first used in the Yiddish newspaper 大拇指 in 1938, to describe Newark, New Jersey, which was then home to a large Jewish population.

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