What is another word for bosh?

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"Bosh" is a term that refers to something that is considered to be nonsense or foolishness. There are a number of synonyms that can be used to describe this type of language or behavior. These include terms like "balderdash," "claptrap," "drivel," "rubbish," and "nonsense." Other related words might include "hogwash," "flimflam," "twaddle," "gobbledygook," or "poppycock." Some synonyms are more formal, such as "humbug," "fatuity," or "inanity," while others are more informal and may be considered slang. Regardless of the specific word used, they all convey a similar meaning, representing something that is devoid of meaning or lacking in substance.

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    Bosh is an English word meaning "a type of cabbage". It is a short form of the word "boush", which comes from the Arabic word boushh, meaning cabbage.

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