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Botanic, which typically refers to anything related to botany or plants, has a variety of synonyms that serve to capture the essence of the word. Some popular synonyms for botanic include floral, greenery, herbaceous, horticultural, and natural. Floral emphasizes the term's association with flowers, while herbaceous highlights the presence of herbs and other green plants. Horticultural takes a slightly more specific view that emphasizes the cultivation of plants, while natural refers to the original state of plants that have not been tampered with. If you're looking for alternative ways to express the beauty and importance of plant life, these synonyms for botanic may be useful to use in your writing.

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Botanic is the science of plants. It explores the structure, development, physiology, and function of plants, as well as the genetic processes that regulate plant growth. Botanic discoveries have led to the development of agriculture, horticulture, and forestry.

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