What is another word for bourbons?

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Bourbons, also known as Bourbon whiskey, are a type of American whiskey made primarily from corn mash. There are several synonyms used for bourbons, including Kentucky whiskey, American whiskey, and corn whiskey. The term "bourbon" is strictly regulated, and only whiskey made in the United States can be called bourbon. Other types of whiskey, such as Scotch or Irish whiskey, are not considered bourbons. Bourbon is a popular spirit in the United States, known for its sweetness and smoothness. It is often enjoyed neat or on the rocks, and is also a key ingredient in classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

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    Bourbon is a type of wine made from corn. Bourbon whiskey was originally a type of whiskey made in the United States. Bourbon whiskey is usually aged in new white oak barrels for a minimum of two years.

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