What is another word for bovine?

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Bovine is a term used to describe cattle, referring to their physical appearance or behavior. However, in writing, repeating the same word can make it seem monotonous. There are many alternatives to bovine that can add variety to your writing. Some of the synonyms for the word bovine include, cow-like, cattle-like, ox-like, bovid, and beefy. These words not only help to give a different interpretation of animals but also make your text more expressive. By doing so, your readers are more likely to stay engaged and interested in what you have to say.

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"bovine," meaning cow, is one of the most common large domesticated animals on the planet. They are used for food, fuel, transportation and other purposes. They are large animals, and can weigh up to 1000 kg. They have four legs and a long, sharply pointed nose. They have a thick hide and long hair. The male has a larger animal than the female.

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