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When we talk about synonyms for the word "brag", we can include terms like boast, show off, flaunt, crow, strut, vaunt, and so on. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation. For example, boasting can be a little more aggressive than bragging, while showing off may be more playful. Flaunting implies a bit of arrogance, while crowing suggests pride in one's accomplishments. Strutting can imply a sense of entitlement, while vaunting suggests an excessive or exaggerated sense of self-importance. Whichever word you choose, remember that it's always important to celebrate your achievements without stepping on others or appearing arrogant.

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How to use "Brag" in context?

Bragging is the act of excessively proclaiming one's achievements or possessions to others. It can come across as competitive or arrogant and can be a way of exhibiting superiority. In most cases, boasting is unnecessary and can be damaging. Nevertheless, there are some instances when bragging can be warranted - for example, when discussing a prestigious accomplishment or sharing a noteworthy statistic. It's important to be careful when braggadociositherous or inconsideratetowhenspeakingaboutother people, as this might come across as rude or offensive.

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