What is another word for brand-new?

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When looking for synonyms for the word "brand-new," you can consider using words such as fresh, pristine, unblemished, untainted, spotless, and untouched. Other synonyms include gleaming, sparkling, immaculate, newfangled, novel, and newly-minted. "Unused," "untried," "unopened," and "untested" are also helpful substitutes for "brand-new." When it comes to describing something that has never been used before, you could use the words "virgin," "unspoiled," "unsullied," and "untouched." Whether you're trying to avoid repetition in your writing or simply looking for a more creative way to describe something new, these synonyms for "brand-new" can come in handy.

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How to use "Brand-new" in context?

Free of charge, brand-new means every day there's something new to experience. In business, it means being on the cutting edge of innovation, keeping up with the latest changes in the world of marketing, and staying ahead of the competition. In life, it means seizing opportunity when it presents itself and never settling. The brand-new year is a time to clean the slate, start fresh, and make new goals. It's a time to embrace change and all its possibilities.

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