What is another word for brandish?

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Brandish refers to the act of waving or shaking something, especially a weapon or an object, in an aggressive or threatening manner. Synonyms for "brandish" include flaunt, swing, wield, exhibit, display, show off, flash, wave, brand, showcase, parade, and strut. Flaunt implies showy display, while swing implies a more fluid movement. Wield refers to holding a weapon or tool with skill, while exhibit implies a more passive display. Display and show off are more casual terms for exhibiting or flaunting, while flash suggests a sudden, impulsive movement. Wave and brand are similar to brandish, while showcase and parade suggest exhibiting for advertisement purposes. Finally, strut implies a confident and proud display.

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    When someone brandishes a weapon, it is usually done in a threatening manner. For example, if someone holds a gun to your head, they may brandish it in a dramatic way to make their point.

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