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When a security system or a promise is violated, the word "breached" is often used. However, there are several synonyms for this word that can be used to add variety to your writing. For instance, the word "violated" suggests that there has been a transgression or infringement. Another possible synonym is "compromised," which implies that there has been a loss in reputation or trust. "Infringed" suggests an encroachment upon something that was previously protected or respected. "Busted" is a colloquial term that can be used to add a more informal tone to your writing. Ultimately, by using synonyms for the word "breached," you can add more flavor and depth to your language.

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How to use "Breached" in context?

When a computer system is compromised, whether through malware, a vulnerability, or simple human error, sensitive information can get into the wrong hands. This is known as a breach.

The different types of breaches

There are four main categories of breaches: unauthorized access, theft of information, unauthorized disclosure, and loss of information.

Unauthorized access is when someone accesses your computer without your permission. This can happen when someone breaks into your home, steals your computer, or hacks into your computer system.

Theft of information is when someone takes your personal information, like your email addresses and passwords, without your permission.

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