What is another word for break the ice?

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"Break the ice" is a common phrase used to refer to that tricky first interaction or conversation with someone new or in a new setting. However, if you're tired of using the same old phrase, there are plenty of synonyms that can help you mix up your conversation starters and make a lasting impression. "Kickstart", "initiate", "jumpstart" or "ignite" are great alternatives to "break the ice". "Open up", "start the ball rolling", or "lay the groundwork" can also be used to refer to that initial interaction and help you keep the conversation lively. Overall, using synonyms for "break the ice" can help you better connect with others and make the first impression you need.

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How to use "Break the ice" in context?

"break the ice" is a a slogan that is often associated with the marketing campaign of the beverage company, Coca-Cola. The campaign was designed to increase Coca-Cola sales in cold countries, such as Finland and Norway, where drinking cold Coca-Cola was not common. The slogan was created by the advertising agency BBDO in 1985.

The campaign involved placing Coca-Cola vending machines in public places in the cold countries. Customers could use the machines to buy cold Coca-Cola from the dispenser. The vending machines also had displays that showed images of Coca-Cola bottles and Coca-Cola cans.

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