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Breakdown is a common word used to describe a situation where something ceases to function or operate as it had previously. Synonyms for breakdown include a mishap, disruption, failure, collapse, crash, or malfunction. It can also be referred to as a disintegration, dismantling, breakdown, or disrepair. If a relationship is the subject in question, it's frequently described as a rift, separation, or split. A nervous breakdown is an emotional or psychological condition that results in a person being unable to function. With the ability to alter the tone of a sentence, having a selection of synonyms for breakdown at your disposal might come in handy.

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How to use "Breakdown" in context?

Resentment poisons relationships. It eats away at trust and respect until everything is tainted. It creates cycles of drama that ultimately consume more than they cherish.

But what if there were ways to break the cycle? Ways to address resentments head-on rather than let them fester? Ways to open up conversation without wounding?

The answer, when it comes to breaking down resentment, is emotion-focused communication.

Emotion-focused communication is all about using the emotions we feel to communicate with each other. When we're emotionally engaged, we're more likely to listen and understand.

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