What is another word for breaks?

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The word breaks can mean a pause, interruption or a fracture. When referring to a break as a pause, synonyms can be rest, breath or interlude. Similarly, interruption can be replaced with disruption, obstacle or hindrance. If break is used to denote a fracture or damage, some synonyms can be crack, fissure or rupture. Breaks can also be used to refer to a gap or separation and synonyms can be interval, hiatus or gap. Other possible synonyms for breaks include breather, cessation, vacation, dismissal, stoppage, respite, and splitting. The selection of synonyms depends on the context in which the word breaks are being used.

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How to use "Breaks" in context?

A break is a chance for you to take a breath and recharge. It's a time for you to rest and relax, and to step away from your work. It's a chance to recharge your batteries and take a mental and physical break.

When you take a break, you allow yourself to recharge your batteries. This gives you the energy to work harder the next time you sit down to your work.

A break is also a chance to mentally and physically rejuvenate yourself. This allows you to come back with fresh ideas and a renewed vigor.

A break is an important part of your work life.

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