What is another word for breastbone?

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The breastbone, also known as the sternum, is a flat bone located in the center of the chest. If you want to avoid repetition in your writing, there are several synonyms you can use to refer to this bone. For instance, you can call it the chest bone, thoracic bone, or simply the sternum. Some people might also refer to it as the keel bone, as it is a prominent feature in birds. Regardless of the term you use, the breastbone serves as an anchor point for several important muscles and organs, including the heart and lungs. So, next time you need to describe this bone, choose the synonym that works best for your context.

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The breastbone is a thin, flat bone located in the center of the breast. The breastbone supports the breast and helps to ensure that the chest cavity is large enough to allow for respiration.

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