What is another word for brittle?

Pronunciation: [bɹˈɪtə͡l] (IPA)

Brittle is a term used to describe something that easily breaks or shatters. Synonyms for the word brittle include fragile, delicate, frail, weak, and breakable. These words can be used to describe physical objects such as glass, ceramics or brittle materials. Brittle can also describe personality traits such as someone who is easily offended or hurt. In this context, synonyms for brittle could include sensitive, touchy, irritable, or easily upset. It is important to note that the word brittle can have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. However, the above mentioned synonyms can help to add variety and clarity to your writing.

Synonyms for Brittle:

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What are the opposite words for brittle?

Brittle is a word that indicates something that is easy to break, crack or snap. The feeling associated with it is something that is hard, but weak. The antonyms for brittle, on the other hand, imply something that is durable, robust, resilient, or flexible. Flexible indicates a substance possessing the ability to bend without breaking. Robust suggests strength and healthiness whereas resilient implies the ability to recover quickly from challenges. Durable, as the name suggests, points towards something that can last longer and withstand wear and tear. Consequently, while brittle indicates a sense of fragility, its antonyms indicate words that denote strength, durability, and flexibility.

Usage examples for Brittle

He was pleasantly conscious of the relief in Miss Hamilton's eyes when he reached it, and fancied that she was too overwrought and anxious to care whether he noticed it or not; but he set about making a fire, and she helped him to collect brittle undergrowth and fallen branches.
"The Greater Power"
Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton
She gave a short, brittle laugh.
"Fair and Warmer"
E. G. von Wald
Aren't the people here very brittle?
"Dot and Tot of Merryland"
L. Frank Baum

Famous quotes with Brittle

  • Saddam spent 35 years stealing and wasting money, and all of these systems are very fragile and brittle, and you try to fix one thing and something else gets in trouble.
    Paul Bremer
  • From behind the Iron Curtain, there are signs that tyranny is in trouble and reminders that its structure is as brittle as its surface is hard.
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • From behind the Iron Curtain, there are signs that tyranny is in trouble and reminders that its structure is as brittle as its surface is hard.
    Dwight D Eisenhower
  • Meditation... disolves the mind. It erases itself. Throws the ego out on its big brittle ass.
    Tom Robbins
  • Hayek possessed a towering intellect. At the same time, his intelligence was as much brittle as it was powerful.
    Alan O. Ebenstein

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