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Bruch's membrane is a specialized part of the eye's retina that plays an important role in maintaining vision. It is composed of several layers of extracellular matrix that together form a barrier between the retina and the underlying choroid. Although Bruch's membrane is a term commonly used in ophthalmology, there are several synonyms for this structure, including the retinal-choroidal complex, the choroidal osseous layer, and the Bruch-Choroid complex. Additionally, in some older literature, Bruch's membrane may be referred to as the lamina vitrea or vitreous membrane. Whatever term is used, the function of this structure in maintaining the health of the retina is critical to preserving vision.

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How to use "Bruch's membrane" in context?

Bruch's membrane, also known as the intermembrane space, is a type of membrane that separates two layers of cells in the body. It is named after the German anatomist Rudolf August Bruch. Bruch's membrane is a thin, unyielding sheet of cells that lines the interior of the intestines and other large organs.

Bruch's membrane is a barrier that separates the digestive system and the circulatory system. The digestive system breaks down food into molecules that the body can use to create energy. The circulatory system carries those molecules to all parts of the body.

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