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Bruchus is a genus of beetles that commonly infest legumes and crops. Synonyms for the word "bruchus" include bean weevil, pea weevil, pulse beetle, and legume beetle. These insects feed on the seeds of their host plants, causing significant damage to crops and reducing yields. The larvae of bruchus beetles burrow into the seeds, making them unsuitable for consumption or planting. Various methods, such as crop rotation and biological control, are used to manage these pests. Identifying the different synonyms for bruchus can be useful in understanding their behavior, ecology, and control mechanisms.

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Bruchus is a genus of fungus in the family Polyporaceae. The genus was first described scientifically in 1738 by Martini and Thein. The widespread genus contains about 50 species, distributed throughout the world, with most species found in Europe, North America, and Asia. Certain members of the genus are parasitic on plants, while others are saprobes, feeding on soil debris.

The fruit body of a bruchid typically consists of a cap that is convex, equal, or slightly expanded in the center, and attached at a demarcated stalk ending in a fleshy depression.

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