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Bryaceae is a family of mosses that are commonly found in damp and shady areas. Mosses in this family are characterized by their small size and cushion-like shape. There are several synonyms for Bryaceae, including the Bryales family, which includes more than 40 genera of mosses. Other synonyms for Bryaceae include the Bryidae class and the Bryopsida division. There are numerous species within the Bryaceae family, each with unique characteristics. Some of the most common species include the rough-stalked feather-moss, the awned flat-moss, and the common tamarisk-moss. Despite their small size, mosses in the Bryaceae family play a crucial role in the ecosystem, providing habitats for microorganisms and improving soil health.

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The bryaceae are a family of flowering plants, making up the binomial order Lamiales. This diverse family contains around 1,900 species in 28 genera and 10 subgenera, distributed throughout the tropics and subtropics. The family has a long and varied history, with many of its members used in traditional medicine. The flowers are small and often overlooked, but the genus Bryonia contains some of the most poisonous plant species in the world.

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