What is another word for bryozoa?

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Bryozoa is a term used to describe a group of animals that are characterized by their small size, colonial structure, and complex skeletal and soft tissue arrangements. Some synonyms for this term include moss animals, sea mats, and ectoprocts. These animals can be found in both marine and freshwater environments and are known for their ability to form intricate, reef-like structures that provide habitat for many other aquatic species. While they may appear similar to corals, bryozoans are in fact a distinct group of animals with unique physical and biological characteristics. As such, they remain an important subject of study for marine biologists and environmental scientists alike.

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The bryozoa are a class of cnidarians, whose cells are protected by a hard external skeleton. The external skeleton is made up of plates that can slide over each other, giving the cnidarian the ability to move its cells around. These cnidarians reproduce by fusing together, and their cells can rapidly turn into planula larvae. Bryozoa can be found in both salt and fresh water, and they feed on small organisms and debris.

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