What is another word for buccaneer?

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Buccaneer, the term that refers to pirates or privateers in the Caribbean, has a variety of synonyms. Pirate is used interchangeably with buccaneer, but the latter is more specific to 17th century Caribbean pirates. Corsair and privateer are also synonyms of buccaneer, with privateer indicating the legality of their actions, albeit with a letter of marque from the Crown. Buccaneer can also be replaced with a more general term, like marauder or raider, which implies their violent nature but not the specific location they operate in. Swashbuckler is another synonym of buccaneer, but the term emphasizes the flashy and romanticized actions of these pirates.

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    Buccaneers are a fearless, independent group of sailors who ply the high seas in search of plunder. Some term them simply "pirates", but the buccaneer spirit, embodied by such famed figures as Captain Charles Vane and Blackbeard, is unique.

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